Fiscal Sponsorship

The ACTION Council sponsors the work of more than two dozen coalitions of individuals who provide valuable services, which are often not available through traditional community resources. Under our fiscal umbrella, these groups are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations and program grants, which enable them to have a significant impact on those they serve.

As a result, the ACTION Council is able to save funders, community members and program implementers tens of thousands of dollars each year in administrative overhead. Our fiscal oversight and non-profit umbrella eliminate the need for groups to incorporate, establish boards of directors and hire administrative staff.

We will process each application received and notify applicants of their status as time allows during this period. Thank you for your patience.

If your group is interested in seeking fiscal sponsorship from the ACTION Council, you may download and complete the questionnaire, Requesting Fiscal Sponsorship.

For more information about fiscal sponsorship, contact us at (831) 783-1244 or by email: info at actioncouncil dot org.


The Benefits

  • Cost savings: administration, staff, bookkeeping, tax returns

  • You receive monthly/quarterly financial statements detailing every deposit and expenditure

  • You can have several sub-groups, which are accounted for separately

  • No need for Articles of Incorporation, By-laws

  • No need for Board of Directors

  • Most activities fall under ACTION Council’s liability insurance

  • Savings of time, energy, cost of becoming nonprofit

  • Works well for groups that have small budgets and/or limited number of activities each year

How Does it work?

  • ACMC receives funds on behalf of the group or fund, manages the money, accounts for all funds separately and makes payments as requested by the authorized party(ies) in the group.

  • The group may hold fund raising events and solicit donations with prior approval of ACMC the group is responsible for acknowledging donations, and all program reporting to granting agencies.

  • ACMC will provide financial documentation as required.

  • The group may use their funds for most purposes that adhere to the definition of public benefit corporation and may not engage in any activity that jeopardizes the Council’s nonprofit status.

  • The group may contract with individuals or agencies for consulting services, but may not hire staff.

  • From time to time and on a case-by-case basis, ACMC may assist a group in developing grant proposals and program planning, although this service is generally not a part of its role as fiscal agent ACMC charges an 8% administrative fee for all new funds deposited in the group’s account.

  • Fees for public/governmental agencies are assessed at 10%.

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